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Just Married!

Our favourite moment of the wedding day is a moment that passes quickly, and we have to be ready to document it.  It is the moment when the bride and groom are officially man and wife.  It is a magical minute of the day and it occurs before, during, and after walking down the aisle. Specifically, it is when the bride and groom have an opportunity to share a few secret words at the alter, or sneak another kiss.  We see this moment unfold as they walk down the aisle making eye contact with their guests.  We see this in their eager embrace in the foyer of the church and as their bridal party and family cheer them on.  And, we have the honour of congratulating them first.   Joy and relief are captured in our photos.  We hope that you enjoy these “Just Married” photos today.

Remembering the Groom

Even in today’s modern culture, it is true that the wedding day still centers around the bride: it is a poignant moment when the mother or father (or both) walks their daughter down the aisle.   And let’s not forget the details: gushing attention attention is bestowed by guests upon her dress, hair,and other fabulous elements that complete the day.  However, more grooms are involved with planning their wedding then ever before:  we have noticed a growing and genuine interest in grooms to claim the day day as their own.  They are determined to add their own touch to the day which can include an opinion on preference of colour to accent their suit or tux, desired wedding transportation, thoughtful consideration of a photographer, and even honeymoon planning and bookings are important to many grooms.  Yes, the day still centers around the bride, but we have made a conscious effort to remember the groom and document the bridal couple’s wedding day from his perspective as well.

Brides & Grooms

We have tried to be intentional over the last few years to photograph individual portraits of our brides and grooms. (Parents love this!)  The wedding day is so busy with organizing groups of people (especially where photos are concerned) that it is easy for brides and grooms to forget about themselves.  Some of our clients, however, are adamant, preferring a documentary approach, that ‘set up’ photos are not their preference, and we honour this.  Our advice is that this is your time – your moment to ‘document’ the beautiful ensemble you put together over the last year.  Think of it as more  of a mini fashion shoot.:) Here are but a few of our favourite portraits:



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