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As photographers we have no choice but to work with Mother Nature.

We only have one day to get it right.


One year it seemed like every Saturday was in excess of ‘feels like’ 35 oC.

It really sucks when there’s no relief from the sun and you’re carrying 20lbs of equipment. And your skin retains heat at 10 o’clock at night.


One year it seemed like every Saturday it poured. I am remember wading through rain in a parking lot.

And it can really suck when you’re drenched on a wedding day and you’re constantly wiping off your camera equipment.

All these experiences proving that photography is just as much an adventure as it is an art.


But portrait sessions can prove just as discouraging, especially when you have to postpone one session four times.

Like Victoria and Mike’s.

This couple is amazingly patient and thankfully, prepared.

Because when the skies opened and a deluge of rain gushed, they popped open a sweet little umbrella

and voila, we had Breakfast at Tiffany’s pics (or any other kissing-in-the-rain-movie).



But I’d really, really like for Mother Nature to produce a sunny-with-big-white-fluffy-clouds wedding day (Aug 08) for Victoria and Mike.

They deserve it.

With a high of ‘feels like’ 25 oC for their photographers. I think they deserve it too.:)


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