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We are blessed to work alongside amazing people. As a couple and individuals, Rachel and Nelson have an old-fashion work ethic and wear their hearts on their sleeves. They are kind, generous people and not just because they drove all the way north to our house. Which is in the middle of nowhere. To drop off a gift – on the coldest day of the year. Understand, our contract ended months ago and to be thought of, as a vendor outside our work relationship is a a gift on many levels. So finding a present on our porch, was a lovely surprise on a blustery Monday. And the gift was perfect. See below:


A lens cup. But not just any lens cup – my favourite lens. The one I use ALL the time. Some info printed on the cup is wrong, and this gave me a chuckle. With a 24-105 range it is not a macro. I love it. Thanks Amorims!  Maybe Mondays don’t have to manic after all. (I wanted to call this post ‘Drinking On the Job’ but figured it might have a few negative implications. Certainly, for one of us.:))



Over the last few years we have enjoyed reacquainting ourselves with Krista and Wade, a past bride and groom of ours. It is always an honour for us to be invited back into the lives of our clients, particularly as married life settles into parenting. A couple of weeks ago I enjoyed a relaxing portrait session at their home: Not only were we able to catch up but I was able to coo and fuss over their newborn daughter, Cara. This session I decided to get back to sweet and simple: soft side lighting capturing the sweet and delicate lines of this newborn – no knitted hats, just her own soft peach fuzz. No props: just new daddy and new mommy holding her close and enjoying these early days. I love the last picture of Cara. It looks like she’s asking, “Are you up for this?”



From the middle of somewhere (as in Bangkok, Thailand) to the middle of nowhere (as in Perth Road Village), Kevin, Colleen and their adorable children visited us mid-July. They braved a pending storm, swarms of deer flies and blood thirsty mosquitos for their photo shoot. (Harshaws might agree that this was tougher than surviving a military coup.) Steve and Kevin’s friendship dates waaay back to the early 80s when they were wee boys running amok in Grenadier Village in Kingston. Over the years, long conversations and much laughter over good food and wine has cultivated a treasured friendship of honesty. So if we’re being honest, see Colleen and Kevin’s faces at the end? I am pretty sure those were their “Take the damn photo, we’re getting eaten alive” faces. HAHA. Love you guys!


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